EcoSuite Advantage

Single Platform

Enterprises use email for communication. But most of the communications use electronic documents. Unfortunately, most enterprises do not have a document management solution that is integrated with their collaboration solution. Many organization end-up with special solutions and which they need to customize them to make them useful. Most of the time, people end up using multiple applications. The biggest advantage of EcoSuite is that email, documents and most importantly, business processes are also integrated in a single platform.

Consolidation: EcoSuite is designed from bottom-up so that it consolidates many different servers, thereby reducing cost and overhead in managing them.

No Cloud Lock-In

With many cloud solution providers, you are locked-in to their system, once you signed up. With EcoSuite, you are not locked-in to our system. You own your data and you have the tools necessary to export, import, and synchronize your data so that you have the peace of mind not to be locked-in. But our tremendous applications and services will make you stay with us.

No Hardware Costs

There are no capital expenses to use the IdoMail Cloud Service (servers, storage, networking, space), nor do you have to worry about operational costs (power, cooling, networks, administration, patching, security etc.)


EcoSuite solutions can be installed and deployed quickly. Implementation does not mean that you need IT Service Providers to program it to install. However, if an organization wants to develop custom applications to extend some functionality or add completely new applications that look like a native application in EcoSuite, it can do it easily and quickly.

Own Cloud

EcoSuite is also available as an in-house licensed solution, which means you get the advantages of cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution as well as the security and control of in-house solution. If the enterprises already have their own data center and infrastructure, they can utilize it to the full extent.


Since all the applications are web-based, employees can work from anywhere, even on any mobile device. Enterprises can provision access control from where employees can access their systems, applications and data. Very fine-grained access control is built-in to all applications and data.

Device Cost

With the IdoMail Cloud Service, Enterprises do not need multiple applications to run on their employee’s PCs. So, they do not need the most powerful PCs on every desk. This eliminates great deal of cost.

Competitive Pricing

EcoSuite is available at a fraction of the cost for what takes you to license and operate competitive software.