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Jan 2nd 2014 07:00 AM EST: I asked Google to find me a good collaboration tool and was bombarded with a zillion suggestions and links. I then stumbled across a lesser known site called Ecosuite that claimed itself to be a ‘fully integrated enterprise suite’.  I gave it a try… The instant first time user […]
Some of our users have found many different ways to use many collaboration features of EcoSuite. Here are some examples. Central storage for commonly used documents like Brochures/Forms Meeting/Travel schedule information to Managers by team members Sharing of scanned documents to remote auditors RFP Management Group wise HR Policy document distribution /announcement Preparation of training […]
“We at EcoSuite understand how much your data means to you and how important it is. That’s why we never keep you hostage with your data. We give you many ways to access, create, copy and backup your data. Of course, all your data is not the same. That’s why we provide many different ways […]

22nd January 2013

Many organizations with unique, hand-crafted,  IT operations are looking to industrialize those operations. Before the production and distribution of electricity was industrialized, many firms had their own in-house power-generating systems.  Those firms migrated to the electric grid in the early 1900s, because they wanted the benefits of a widespread, repeatable function with predictable results to […]
Last year, Forrester Research published a report by Ted Schadler called, “Tier Your Workforce To Save Money With Cloud-Based Corporate Email.” This chart in that report caught my attention: These costs are based in a large firm of about 100,000 employees. Smaller firm will typically pay more per mailbox because of higher license fees and […]