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customer-review | EcoSuite

What some Customers say about Us

Teyjas Schae

Managing Director
Danddeli Group, India

We are delighted with the EcoSuite product and have been using many of the features including the cloud based file sharing system. This makes sharing information within the organization very simple.

Whilst we can suggest some minor improvements we are confident that your exemplary response time will address such improvements, expeditiously. We only wish we had switched to this platform sooner.

Maria Juliana Braga

Managing Partner
Impex Imports and Exports Ltd.

“We have been using EcoSuite for last three years now, and we are quite satisfied with the results. It’s easy to use and its inbuilt tools and features help us to manage our day to day job more efficiently. Also being an Import and Export company with employees based in different cities, EcoSuite features such as chat, file sharing and work flow make our work easier. It’s a great product to use and I would recommend for small, medium or large enterprises”.

Ms. Koyeli Dutt

Managing Director
Technico India Pvt. Ltd.

We were using Google Apps for our email earlier. We switched to have email and file sharing in one place since we share technical drawing files.

EcoSuite Files helped us managing files between all the client and vendor documents. It was easier to manage different projects as all the documents are in one place and we need not go through emails and attachments to find the document.

Piyali De

Managing Director
Kalinga Gases Private Limited

We collect sales data and production data from our factory and sales team on a regular basis using email. It was a nightmare to collect and collate them in a spreadsheet and keep them up to date.

We started using E-Form on EcoSuite Cloud. We created different forms and users enter their data directly. We did not need to reenter data to a spreadsheet for reporting and we always have the latest data.

Subhadra S.


Before we started using EcoSuite Cloud Platform, doing business with multiple bulk buyers, vendors, partners were difficult for us. Rich collaboration features of EcoSuite with sharing facility have made our business easier, faster and economical.

Prasun K Mitra

Independent Consultant
Ex-Prctice Director HCL Technologies Ltd.

As an IT Consulting and Services company, we work with many different clients in different projects at the same time. Using EcoSuite, we were able to setup separate project workspaces where we setup shared calendars, tasks, and files and securely work with the clients always on the latest documents. Clients were able to see the latest schedule and what work is being done. We even have fun with sharing video with the teams.

EcoSuite Collaboration has made our interaction with customers hassle free.

Umasankar Das

Forants Interactive Systems

We were in great need for a customizable employee collaboration application. We came across EcoSuite and gave it a try. We love how EcoSuite has provided us with a better internal communication and file sharing system.

Suresh Nayak

Silicon TechLab

We are a software company that needs to work closely with our clients. We used Google Apps for email and separate file sharing solutions. Some friends suggested taking a look at EcoSuite. We switched to EcoSuite where we got email and file sharing in one place and with a single interface. Since then we have not looked back. It is so much easier and intuitive.

Nandu Dhanukela


We have an EMR healthcare cloud platform. We were looking to integrate email for our clients. We did not want to manage separate email system. We worked with EcoSuite which provided APIs for us to link EcoSuite Cloud with our platform. Now, we provide email along with our EMR system seamlessly. In addition, EcoSuite linked their platform with ours where the users could save an attachment directly into our system.

Silicon Institute of Technology

We have two campuses at Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur, India. We have 3000 staff members and students. We are using email service from EcoSuite since 2009. We are satisfied with the mail service provided by EcoSuite.