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Idomail | EcoSuite


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Be with everyone, everywhere.

Next Generation Cloud-based Enterprise Platform for Communication, Collaboration, Business Process Management & Automation.

IdoMail is a one-stop solution for business email, collaboration, file sharing and management, task management, calendaring and scheduling, customer relationship management, Enterprise business process and work flow automation . It is available as a cloud-computing solution at www.idomail.com. It is based on EcoSuite, Worlds First Fully Integrated Enterprise Suite. It is available anytime, anywhere and on any device. It is designed for PC, tablets and mobile devices.

Communicate and Collaborate

Make Your Work Easier. Run your own business. Let Idomail run the technology platform for you for all your collaboration needs.
  • Best-in-class and complete email solution
  • Your own company email service
  • Your own company email service Intuitive and innovative email interface
  • Advanced SPAM and Virus protection
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry…) support using IMAP
  • Mail folder sharing (unique to EcoSuite)
  • Reduces email, attachments and storage
  • Email Attachment Integration with files
  • Customizable Number and Size for Upload for files and attachments
  • Email Export Import
  • E-discovery: enable to search emails
  • Multiple mails forward
  • Text chat, Audio and Video chat using VOIP
  • Presence support
Voice Call
  • Computer to computer call
  • Text, Video and Audio Announcements
  • Published Channel(Global Communications for Files, Calendars, Contacts, Photos…)
Office Automation and Workflow
  • Paperless business process management
  • Customizable process definitions
  • Define business requirements such as Approvals & Tracking
  • Management and Monitoring of Work list.
  • Tracking, monitoring and logging work history
  • Easy access to original work items for faster decision making
  • Automatic update of work items at the end of the process
  • Manage Work Item (Aggregate, Isolate, Track, Monitor)
Automation Solution
  • Case File Management, Review and Workflow
  • Automates and simplifies basic office file movement
  • Can attach documents, markup notes
  • Keep comprehensive history of people’s notes, actions and timeline
  • Document Workflow
  • Enterprise Task Management, Approval, Routing, Tracking and Reminders
  • Custom Enterprise Applications
  • Enterprise & Departmental Workspaces
  • Build enterprise applications quickly without programming
  • Maintain complete enterprise level access control
  • Ideal for collecting data from branch offices
  • Can replace spreadsheets to collect data
  • No need for building and supporting form applications on separate hardware, software and user management
  • Automatically calculate field values: field3 = field1 + field2 and host of other expressions
  • Import: from csv files
  • Export: Export to csv files and use in Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Sharing: Fulls sharing features with enterprise level access control mechanism
  • – Automated chart, statistics(analytics) support (coming soon)
  • – All the security and control of Idomail
  • Keep your relevant data synchronized across multiple PCs, mobile devices
  • Syncs calendar, tasks and contacts with your Outlook
  • Syncs email using IMAP clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and mobile devices such as iPhone, etc.
  • File sync*
  • Domain Level Administration
  • Role based access control
  • Manage Users(Create, close, etc.)
  • Manage Groups
  • Proxy Services (Migration, Updates, …)
  • Configurable storage options
  • Class Of Service based provisioning
  • Simple Interface (No technical knowledge required)
  • Manage Groups
  • Proxy Services (Migration, Updates, …)
  • Configurable storage options
  • Class Of Service based provisioning
  • Simple Interface (No technical knowledge required)
Online Document Management
  • Document Management
  • Online Data Storage: Store and Share any document.
  • Online Document Collaboration: Collaborate on files with others with document collaboration features Version Control and Check in Check out and more.
Value of an Integrated Solution
  • Fraction of cost of any available enterprise software
  • Nobody provides all the features as a single solution
  • Most competitive price compared to others providing less
  • Applications work together seamlessly
  • Saves people time and improves your business productivity
  • Simplifies your IT environment
  • Supports the way people work
  • Data Center Security: Hosted
  • Network Security
  • Server Security
  • Connection and Transmission Security
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
Support and Reliability
  • 99.9% SLA Guaranteed!
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • Migration
  • Web-based consolidated migration support
  • Web-based administration
Hosting For Your Domain
  • Host the web site fir your domains with us using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack
Sharing and Collaboration
Personlized Start Page
  • Customizable relevant summary view
  • Current tasks, events, reminders, work notifications, broadcasts, news feed
  • Full-fledged calendaring with multiple calendar support
  • Global Company Calendar, Shared calendars, group calendars.
  • Meetings support
  • Contacts management, Global contacts and sharing
  • Global Company Contacts
  • Shared Contacts folders for groups and for use between users.
  • Alerts: Configurable alerts that notify that when task is due
  • Assignment: Tasks can be assigned to other people
  • Categories support: Tasks can be organized using user definable categories
  • multiple views: The task list can be displayed using different views such as simple, detailed, active tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks and by person responsible.
  • Search support: Advanced and simple task search
  • Sharing: Users can share their tasks to other people with configurable read/write/delete permissions.
  • Sorting tasks: Tasks can now be sorted by any of the header fields.
  • Start Page/Portal page: Displays a summary of the active tasks
  • Task assignment: Tasks can now be assigned to a particular user of the domain.
  • Task Editor: Stores additional information such as % complete, status, total work, actual work, mileage, billing information and can define multiple priorities.
  • Task Editor: Users can edit and change start dates, completion status, progress status, completion dates, priority, task execution sequence and the user assigned to in the task editor.
  • Company Directory: Lists all the employees/users for the company
  • Facility Directory: Manage and list the facilities/buildings in the company for scheduling purposes
  • Group Calendars, Directories
  • Resource Directory: Manage the resources (conference rooms, etc.) by facility for scheduling purposes
  • Meetings support
  • Shared calendars, group calendars and company calendars
  • Enterprise social platform
  • Unique folder-level control for sharing and control
  • Share anything and everything (Files and documents, email, calendars, contacts, tasks, photo albums, etc.) across the whole company, groups and users.
  • Document Management with Version Control ans Check in Check out
  • Reduces email, attachments and storage
  • Share personal folders, enterprise folders
  • Broadcast announcements, files, audio, and video across your company.
  • Publish any items such as calendars, documents, files and any other items to all users simply.
  • Create, edit and share rich-text and plain text documents and collaborate anywhere in the world to prepare reports, analysis and publish.
  • Control access using permission-based as well as role-based access controls.
  • Large file (1GB and more) transfer, sharing and access in the same platform.
  • Multi-version support for files
  • Drag files from PC to the platform
Digital Media:
  • Create, manage, share photo albums
  • Store, share and play digital media such as audio, video
  • View email attachment Photos and add directly to album