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Email | EcoSuite


Best-in-class and complete email solution

  • POP and IMAP Support

    Check your mail for all your accounts from one log in. Consolidate all your email accounts into a central place.Access your mail on web using any browser from any device. Directly get emails natively to any PC or any mobile devices. You can configure Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to get your emails using both POP and IMAP protocols. You can also configure any mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone or any andriods phone using their standard mail clients using IMAP and POP to get your emails on the go.

  • Attachments

    Attachment view is an EcoSuite innovation. List and search attachments in your Inbox and other folders. Sort attachments by size. Open email from attachments. This helps you control emails with large attachments. Even you can customize the number and size of attachments to send by user and by domain. View photo attachments from email and add photos from email directly to photo album.

  • Personalize Email

    • Vacation Response
    • When you are on vacation or out of office, set up an automatic response.

    • Email Alias
    • Users and admin can create aliases for users as well as for the domain.

    • Auto forwarding

      Distribute emails to a specific account to other people using auto forward. All incoming messages to the account will be automatically forwarded to the people in the list. Optionally, you can also keep a copy of the incoming mail in the original account.

    • Catch all mails

      Do not lose any importrant mails incase some one has entered an wrong email ID. You can configure to catch such mails and forward to some pre-configured accounts. You may also delete any such emails to reduce spam as most spammers use dictionary attack to send spam messages.

    • Message Filter(Message filtering rules /Rule Based Filtering and Routing)

      Create email filters to organize mails through EcoSuite’s message filters and route incoming messages to custom folders from certain email IDS or related to certain topics.

    • Template

      Signature adds value to your corporate credibility. You will be able to attach custom signature to your outgoing messages. You can store those multiple signatures and use whenever you need.

  • Email Management

    • Export

      You own your own emails and you should be able to take them to anywhere you want. EcoSuite lets you download or export your emails in standard format(RFC 822) as maildir files directly to your PC. You can then import them to any standard compliant client to read your mails. This way you would not have to worry about using other servers and applications to get hold of your emails. Very few cloud providers allow this.

    • Import

      With import feature, you can import any standard format emails in maildir format directly to EcoSuite. This way you can open previously exported emails to the same account or any other account.

    • Shared Folder

      With shared email folders, you do not need to make multiple copies of the email forwarded to many other accounts. Email can be downloaded to a folder in one user’s account and the owner of the account can then share the folder to others. You can then view them all from a single place. Besides, you can move or copy emails from one account to another without even downloading or forwarding.

    • E-discovery

      EcoSuite has standard search features that is fast and easy to get to old emails. But if you want to look for messages with certain configurations or content for compliance or other purposes, you can use this to find and discover such messages.

    • Spell checker / Dictionary in Email Composer

      Do not worry about spelling mistakes or /typos when composing an email. Spell checkers on supported browsers help you fix these before you send your composition.

  • On Mobile

    Idomail can be configured on any mobile clients such as works such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone and can check and send email on any device with a web browser or from mobile client.

  • Folder Management

    Save and store your email messages in custom folders. Find and manage your mail messages using sort, search, and filter features.

Advanced email features

  • Your own company email service
  • Intuitive and innovative email interface
  • Advanced SPAM and Virus protection
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Mail folder sharing (unique to EcoSuite)
  • Reduces email, attachments and storage
  • Email Attachment Integration with files
  • Automatic caching of recent attachments. Remembers recently uploaded files
  • Attachment Wizard: Easy selection of files from PC, EcoSuite account or recent files.
  • Notification

    When you get a new mail, you get a notification on Start page or Email page. It checks the mail server every few minutes to see if there is any new mail. If there is, it puts up a notification message. It stops after three tries if the page is not reloaded. If the page is reloaded, it starts checking again.

  • Advanced Inbox

    Easy to categorize your mail like read and unread Can see your sent mail, draft, spam, trashNewly added feature, where you can change the email template Are you looking for a particular mail? Search Pad will let you find every detail like date, name, file size

  • Navigate During Compose

    Your draft gets auto saved during composing so that you can visit other area without losing your current composition.

  • Multiple mails forward

    Supports forwarding multiple emails by selection and as one email Supports printing multiple email by selection.

  • See inline photos inline not as an attachment
  • Customizable Number and Size for Upload for files and attachments
  • Email Export Import
  • E-discovery: enable to search emails
  • Multiple mails forward
  • Edit address list at any stage during composing.
  • Automatic saving of drafts in session during composing. Safely visit other areas without losing the current composition and come back.
  • Automatic caching of recent attachments. Remembers recently uploaded files
  • Auto sensing navigation after deletes (Automatically opens next or previous based on your navigation pattern).
  • Powerful Search

    You can search email and copy/move into different folder Would you like to know, how many mails have come from a particular person? Select senders’ check box and click “From”. You are done. You will be able to know all details.