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Do you have email overload with many different versions of the same document, different attachments? You work with different projects, different groups of people. Do you have to constantly figure out about the status of the project, documents, schedules and tasks? We make it simpler? With EcoSuite, you can setup multiple workspaces at once with its own project calendar, project tasks and document areas. You have one place to work with. You can have also project mail folders where all the latest mails are in one place. You always know the deadlines, who is working on what tasks and you always have the latest documents. The file sharing providers cannot do all that.

Project Workspaces

Create a project workspace. Create a group and add all people. Give them access. That’s all. Add separate calendar, task, mail, document areas that you need. You are up and running.

Enterprise Workspaces

You need record level access control where people can work on a single area without exposing their work with others. Use this. If you are an executive, you can see and monitor all the people.


You want to post a message to everybody. Use our E-Cast and send a message, an audio message or a video message. You want when a document is uploaded or changed, you can configure that. But, you do not want to be bombarded with all the emails and notifications; you can visit the project workspace and see all the recent changes.

Real-time Changes

Since everything is on the cloud, all the changes are real-time. You always see the latest items or work.

Why Collaborate?

Simply put, everybody in the team will be more productive, less stressful as everything is in one place and everything is latest. No need to look for the same thing over and over again and in many different places.