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Files | EcoSuite



EcoSuite Files is a cloud-based file sharing, document management platform. It is not just a storage site like most of the file sharing sites where you share files from. This is designed to be your primary work platform. Whether using at home or at work or from a mobile device, for personal reasons or for work, it shows you the same interface and you can get your work done without using your local file system. Everything is on the cloud and you access them real time everywhere. In addition, you can sync your files to your PC so that your EcoSuite cloud files and your PC files are always up to date.


Intuitive explorer Interface with EcoSuite Explorer

Looking for a file or a folder or an application, start with the EcoSuite Explorer. You can explore and search for files, folders and applications; manage all applications, share folders, manage access controls and more. This presents a familiar, intuitive and desktop-like interface.

Worry-Free Deletes with Recycle Bin

Never worry about accidental deletes of files and folders. We have the Recycle bin for that. Just go to the Recycle Bin, you can restore your files. They will not be deleted until you empty it or delete them finally.

Central Project Workspaces

Need to create separate workspace for a project, need a separate calendar. We have custom folders. You have complete control over your applications and file folders and where you place them. You can do that and keep them together.

Folders are like a database or a file folder. Folder can contain files or an application records. You can create any type of folder under any folder and up to any level you want just like you do on your computer.

Control Enterprise Workspaces

Need fine and executive control over company data. Create enterprise folders for any application that supports it. Enterprise folders are special folders that are created when you want to exercise very fine level of access and control. The folders cannot be deleted by others and you can have record level access control. Executive can access and see broader picture.

Documents Made Easy

Create document whenever you want and wherever you want to save. You can create and edit rich-text documents using EasyWord application and text documents using Notepad application in EcoSuite. You can save them under any folder that allows it. You do not have to leave EcoSuite, go to your PC, create them and upload them. It is that easy.

Take Notes on the Fly

Use this interactive and simple utility to store notes on the fly and view them quickly as it pops up in place. You can easily edit them and change them. Take a quick note when you are on the run from your phone. You can share it with others as well.

Store and Share Photos

Upload photos from your phone or take snapshot directly from your phone to any album. If you have shared it, others can see them right away. You can not only store them, you can label them, manage them and create slide shows as well.

Share and Broadcast Videos

Want to store and share videos? Just upload the video to any folder you want. You can share and stream to others. You can also broadcast a video if you have permission to the company or a group also.

Email From Files Directly

Need to send a file from EcoSuite Files. It is a click away. Need to save an attachment to file. You can copy it as well. You can send or attach multiple files as well. Email and Files are integrated seamlessly.

Secure Files with Encryption

Need to encrypt a file with a password and store it so that nobody else can read it. You can do that. Please ask us about digital signature and certificate based encryption.

File Sharing

EcoSuite lets you share anything from emails to files to contacts to bookmarks. That means you can share any and every application, folders or resources. Since everything is organized as folders, you will be able to share all.

Easy Control Over Sharing

Easily manage sharing at folder level. When you share a folder, all its sub-folders, files and resources, get the same permissions. This is extremely convenient to manage so you do not have to setup multiple sharing and access controls. It is very useful when creating a project workspace.

Automatic Expiration

Do you want to setup a sharing and make it expire and stop the sharing after certain date, you can do that. You do not need to remember to stop the access.

Sharing to Peers

Share transparently with another user. The other user will see the resource under your name.

Sharing to Groups

With group sharing, it is easy to setup any workspace without the need to add each user. The users will see the shared items under the group.

Publish to all or to a group

You need to setup some global folders or resource for all the users to see by default, use this. All the users will be able to see and only the users with explicit group or peer permissions will be able to edit or update it. Use this for broadcasts, global calendars, global address books, published brochures and more.

Document Management

Centralize File Storage

Network drives are simple and is useful as long as you do not want different levels of access control. Moreover, if you have remote offices spread over, it is a problem. EcoSuite Files can come to your rescue with security and access control built-in. You can use this to be your central file repository.

Create Document Libraries

You want to go beyond a central repository and use it as a continuous work place where people work from, collaborate and work together, choose this option. This opens up various new features such as version control, check-in/check-out, etc. There is no limit on how many document libraries you can have.

Keep Multiple Versions

Need to keep track of all changes to a file. Turn version control on. Document libraries have this on by default.

Control Changes with Check-in/Check-out

Do you want to control changes to document where only one person can make changes at a time. This is turned on automatically for document libraries.

Consolidate Servers and Sites

Do you have multiple file servers, storage sites and storage servers? Do you want to have them in one place so that management and access control is easier? EcoSuite Files can do that.

Tag Files

You can add tags or properties to a file or document. This helps to search and find document easier.

Track and Monitor Changes

Want to track who changed and when for a document? You have the option to track it with EcoSuite audit trail mechanism.

Route and Approve Documents

Yes, you can also setup routing and approval workflow for documents and create cases with documents and have them approved by various people.


Do you want to keep files and folders on your PC for offline access or just for your piece of mind? You can sync them to EcoSuite Files seamlessly.


Search is built-in to all the EcoSuite apps. Search for files, folders and shared spaces as well.

Virtual Vault

Want to create a vault or safe and secret work area where only a few people can work in secret without using email and other communications? It may be for such things as merger and acquisitions; you can create a workspace with controlled access. Or you may want to create a place where keep certain document with encryption and only for a selected few. EcoSuite Virtual Vault is the answer.

Use this for

  • Online Storage
  • Online backup
  • Avoiding Email
  • Archiving