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Administration | EcoSuite


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Web Based Administration:

EcoSuite provides service provider level administration to manage and administer direct user accounts and enterprise accounts.

The administrator has complete control over the enterprise that administers accounts, resources and groups, and controls access to enterprise files and documents. Administrators can provide different levels of access based on company policies. Enterprise administrators can setup and manage company wide databases and repositories for emails, files, calendars, tasks, photos, videos, E-Form and contacts databases.

EcoSuite web-based administration interface lets you manage all aspects of your domain in a simple, convenient yet in a secured manner. You need not worry about any underlying hardware, network, and software stack. You need not be a technical person or need not have any technology experience to do it.

Migration to EcoSuite:

When you decide to use EcoSuite service, we have tools and interface for migration of your existing data to our system. We will help you during this process to ensure no down time.