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CRM | EcoSuite


CRM Features & Capabilities

The integration with the easy to use features of EcoSuite and EcoSuite – CRM is seamless and complete. EcoSuite is scalable for any size of business and understands well that it is not one size fits all. EcoSuite for management and administration remotely simply through the browser .

EcoSuite eliminates and consolidates many separate servers.EcoSuite supports customization for each installation site and for each business with its multi-tenant architecture. Your organization appoints Administrators who create and manage groups, add users and roles to groups. The Administrators create a centralized workspace for the group and assign access to various folders within various workspaces that can be customized. There are levels of access such as in read, write, modify, full control etc. Access allowed through a group can be removed on an individual basis.

Your employees and managers will benefit from the automation of many activities, which you can have customized to generate the data, forms, reports and analysis your organization requires. The various EcoSuite features pull it all together to have a complete working collaboration suite with CRM integration.