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Document Management | EcoSuite

Document Management

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Document Management

Enterprise documents are spread all over the places in a typical business or corporate environment. People keep them in their PCs, within their emails. Enterprises also have many file servers that are hard to maintain and most importantly it is really hard to provide proper access control to employees and users without the use of expensive third party software. EcoSuite makes the whole process simple, seamless and easy with its cloud based integrated approach. Users do not have to use another application and interface. Managing documents becomes easy and everybody has access to all the latest documents.

Document Library

Document library is an important tool that is just more useful than just sharing. Documents have their own lifecycle. From creation to editing to publishing and to making them available to others is not a single step. But having different areas and different versions in many different places is a nightmare. Document library makes the task easier with keeping all revisions or versions of the documents as the document is prepared and updated. With additional check-in and check-out features, it makes sure that only one person is allowed to update the document. It prevents people from overwriting previous changes. Now, you control the complete document management process from one place.

Multi-version support

  • Keeps multiple versions of a file
  • Can download previous versions for reference

Check-in Check-out

  • Check out file from shared area
  • Displays the name of the user who has checked out


Centralization of data generally improves security. Security is usually controlled in a central location rather than at thousands of points. There are many levels of security and access control is also built-in to the applications as well.

Your files are safe EcoSuite platform with multiple levels of access control. Files are private until you provide access to them unlike other places where everything is public by default. You decide what level of access you want to provide and to whom. Even employees of EcoSuite do not have access to your files. It also supports SSL encryption for full sessions. All communications between servers and directories are encrypted and secure.