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EcoSuite Business Process Management

EcoSuite Business Process Management (BPM) module that helps in the automation of business processes such as processing a sales order or handling an employee leave request or tracking tasks. BPM used to be known as “Workflow” in some industry terms such as workgroup applications earlier. Workflow was the name given to the automatic routing of documents to the users responsible for working on them. But that was not enough. Businesses need to be able to handle all sorts of business processes. A business process is the flow or sequence of activities that may represent a person or a system or another software toward a business goal based on some rules or logic.

Currently available systems do not have integrated BPM. They just provide workflow based on sequence of assignments. Customers should watch out for that. Ideally, BPM system is a programmable system that does all that, given the business logic and definition of the whole process. Many of the current BPM systems available are complicated to program and manage.


EcoWorks has simplified the process by using predefined configurable steps to define a whole process. It is like defining a process by combining building blocks like a Lego system. Once a process is defined or modeled, application logic can be configured to deliver the complete automation.

Many of the basic business processes can be standardized using parameters that can meet requirements of most organizations. This way standard process can be used, with no programming needed on the customer side. Examples of processes are:

  • Document Routing and Review Process
  • Task Routing and Tracking Process
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Purchase Request
  • Tendering Process

1. Features of EcoSuite – BPM:

EcoSuite – BPM is meant to provide a programmable, customizable and extendible systems and processes interface based on EcoSuite components and applications. It can be extended in future to handle external systems and applications.
  • Customizable business process definitions
  • Define sequence of steps that process must go through from available steps
  • Define business requirements such as approval rules for processes
  • Approvals management
  • Routing of work items
  • Management and monitoring of work list
  • Tracking, monitoring and logging work history
  • Easy access to original work items for faster decision making
  • Automatic update of work items at the end of the process

2. Benefits:

  • Easy development of company specific applications for different processes
  • Quick development of workflow processes based on company’s procedures
  • Monitoring of work
  • Save time, money and improve productivity by timely execution of processes
  • Faster decision making
  • Handle complex processes easily with little intervention
  • Save money on buying stand-alone and expensive upgrades