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Best-in-class and complete email solution

  • Powerful, Intuitive And Innovative Interface

    Most cloud applications and web-based applications present information as web pages. They can be simple, but they lack the intuitiveness of good client applications. EcoSuite interface is designed to be simple, but have the power of client applications. The interfaces are context-sensitive and capture intent to make it intuitive.

  • Access anytime anywhere

    EcoSuite makes you work virtually from any place. You do not have to be at your desk all the time. We make sure you can access your applications and data from many different devices and many different browsers. You can access through the web, through supported clients and through mobile devices.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Security is not only important for cloud applications, it must be the basis of design and architecture, not an afterthought, as is the case with many web applications. Thus, security is the flundation of EcoSuite from the start. Besides, EcoSuite has Multiple security at all levels with layers of access control and security. Full HTTPS support for logins, sessions, connections and transmissions. The service provides more than 99.9% availability.

  • Complete Ad Free

    You control all aspects of your service and data. Your data is private unlike other networks where data is public by default. Moreover, we are advertisement free. So you do not see pesky pictures or ads while you work. Nobody invades your work area.

Advanced Features

  • Best-in-class and complete email solution
  • Your own company email service
  • Intuitive and innovative email interface
  • Advanced SPAM and Virus protection
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry…) support using IMAP
  • Mail folder sharing (unique to EcoSuite)
  • Reduces email, attachments and storage
  • Email Attachment Integration with files
  • Customizable Number and Size for Upload for files and attachments
  • Email Export Import
  • E-discovery: enable to search emails
  • Multiple mails forward