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File Sharing | EcoSuite

File Sharing

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File Sharing

  • Share with each other

    With EcoSuite you can store, share files and documents across the whole company, groups and between users from anywhere.

  • Tag your files/folders

    Create properties for files and folders. Properties are like metadata where you can add tags and other custom fields. This will help you in searching for files with similar tags or properties.

  • Add notes

    Create, save and access any notes on EcoSuite Files which makes it easy to recall your thoughts.

  • Sync to your backup device

    Sync your PC files and documents with EcoSuite File Sync. Use this as a backup or use this to make files available everywhere.

Share and Collaborate

Share to single user or to a group to View, Download, upload, move,Copy or Full Control to Take Ownership, Change Permission, and all of above.


  • Share any folder & grant access permissions
  • Create, edit and share rich-text and plain text documents and collaborate from anywhere to prepare reports, analysis and publish to the entire domain without using email and attachments and aggravations.
  • Easy to create, store, share and manage documents or various electronic documents where we can help you can set up a central repository with appropriate controls accessible from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Members of the shared group get email notifications know when another user upload a file, or copy a file or move a file.

Manage storage

Configurable storage space per company and per user. Familiar Explorer interface with Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin to guard against accidental deletes: You will never loose any documents once you have it at EcoSuite Files . Even after you delete, it is saved for unlimited time, unless user removes it permanently from Recycle Bin. You can always recover your files from Recycle Bin

EcoSuite Tools

EcoSuite has a collection online document creation tools such as (EasyWord, Notepad, Notes) with allows for sharing across the enterprise, groups with all the document management tools.

Document Integration with email

Documents are seamlessly integrated with email. Attach documents from EcoSuite Files directly to email and save email attachments directly to EcoSuite Files.


Archive files and folders directly from within EcoSuite. You can download multiple and folders in a single operation to your PC. Also with an archived file, you can send multiple files and folders as an attachment of an email directly from EcoSuite Files.

Access Your Pc Files From anywhere

EcoSuite File Sync is fully integrated into the file system of your PC.