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CRM-Customer Support & Service

Customer Support & Service

1. Customer Relations

  • No one customer is the same. Once an account has been created, each customer’s needs and preferences can be dealt with for effective and customized production and service.
  • Reminders for actions that have to be taken can pop up at the required person’s work station or department for assignment to individual or team for rapid resolution of requests and complaints.
  • It is easier to sell to existing customers than constantly recruiting new ones, so servicing your exiting customers more effectively is critical. Repeat sales and long lasting customer relationship affect the profitability of every company.
  • All data is maintained in case histories of each customer and order, so all departments are on the same page regardless which department accesses the customer
  • High-value customers can be fast tracked.
  • Automated tracking and monitoring the status of an order can be seen and shared by all departments in real time.
  • Effectiveness of strategies can be measured instantly right through company – and can be viewed by months and years to give you the big picture as well as a more detailed one.
  • Analysis can help define projected earnings, so you know where you should be going as a company.

2. Management Procedures

  • Bottlenecks within the company’s systems can be analyzed and repaired.
  • Problems can be analyzed, diagnosed and resolved which improves production quality and enhances customer relationships.
  • New procedures in management can be developed constantly and shared through the company
  • HR is improved and future account assignments can be improved on.
  • Efficacy of sales, marketing, production, delivery and finance departments can be analyzed.
  • Efficacy of sales and marketing thrusts can be fine tuned.