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crm-marketing-automation | EcoSuite

CRM-Marketing Automation & Management

Marketing Automation & Management

1. Strategies & Analysis

  • Help you define market trends to develop the right strategies.
  • Data, analysis and reports help to create effective and targeted sales and marketing strategies for different customers and different segments of your market.
  • Help you to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.
  • Pricing strategies can be fine tuned
  • Lead and opportunity conversion help in analysis of the efficacy of strategies.
  • Allows you to benchmark and analyze which campaigns were most effective either by bringing you more eyeballs or conversions into sales or by bringing in the most revenues.
  • Effectiveness of strategies can be measured instantly right through company – and can be viewed by months and years to give you the big picture as well as a more detailed one.
  • Analysis can help define projected earnings, so you know where you should be going as a company.

2. Campaign and Communication Management

  • Create, develop and share sales & marketing presentations through the company in real time .
  • Create, develop and share sales & marketing presentations with leads, opportunities and customers for effective communication even in the field using EcoSuite mobile (wireless).
  • Create and develop effective marketing communications and campaigns with shared multiple contact lists, tasks, calendar and scheduling
  • Manage many different marketing thrusts at the same time through different communication channels, so you reach the right people with the right message
  • Monitor all communication of the company, to keep company and brand identities consistent through all communications channels.
  • Manage and track teams on different campaigns through shared tasks, contacts, scheduling, meetings etc.
  • Analyze efficacy of marketing thrusts and marketing teams.
  • Automatically transfer leads through to sales force so they can chase them into opportunities and sales.
  • Get more bang for your every dollar spent on reaching customers.

3. Databases

  • Create, manage and share several databases simultaneously, even across multi-channels of communication.
  • Synchronize your contacts in Outlook with EcoSuite
  • Automatically mail merge documents or campaigns to specific databases for email marketing.
  • Helps you target your segment niche specifically