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crm-sales-automation | EcoSuite

CRM-Sales Automation & Management

Sales Automation & Management

1. Opportunity Management

  • The new account form, once filled is the key to the magic of EcoSuite – CRM powered by EcoSuite features and EcoSuite – Collaboration
  • All the data on leads and opportunities can be assigned to teams or individuals based on this form
  • Prospective customers can be tracked and the information is shared through all departments for the finance department’s projections, analysis of marketing effectiveness and internal staff monitoring
  • Leads into opportunity conversions can be shared and analyzed by all departments for tracking through and following up in their own departments
  • Opportunity translation into customers can be analyzed for speed, technique, sales performances and marketing effectiveness
  • Enhances customer satisfaction as each opportunity has its individual traits which require personalization and customization at every stage through the pipeline

2. Account Management

  • The new account form allows you to manage customer accounts with details of territories, sales teams, billing status, multiple facility addresses including billing and shipping addresses of the customer, and various assignments and memos.
  • Once filled, it converts to the Account Details view allowing you to move from opportunity/customer to sales and other departments instantly.
  • Information about each accounts status is available to all that have access and can be edited by any with proper access.
  • Memos and Notes history are maintained, activities such as scheduling meetings internally or with the customer are recorded, the shared contact lists if altered, change everywhere for everyone at the same time, relevant documents to the customer, as well as the case history are also visible to all departments requiring access. Any of them can be edited by any with access.
  • Customers benefit from improved service as all the information is there in one central registry, so all departments are clued in on the latest developments in any account
  • Reminders for actions that have to be taken can pop up at the required person’s start page after login.

3. Team Management

  • Standard operating procedures can be created and followed, which can also be customized for any particular opportunity or customer
  • Special requests or customized service can be highlighted for follow up through relevant departments
  • Accounts can be assigned to teams with the necessary expertise for a particular customer or customer segment
  • Helps in managing the workforce within your company, while delegating the appropriate or most experienced team for an account or customer, depending on the account
  • Territories are assigned to sales force and EcoSuite sync allows you to synchronize tasks, calendars and contacts with either a PC or smart phone. EcoSuite mobile (wireless) will permit you to access most needed functions over-the-air any time and anywhere you have access.

4. Analysis

  • Discover new business opportunities can emerge through up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers
  • Isolate high-value customers and treat them with special attention
  • Sales techniques and sales staff monitored
  • Feedback and analysis that tell you about your marketing and sales performances for more effectiveness.
  • Management processes can be analyzed and modified
  • Reports and analysis are automatically generated to view the progress of one or all orders through the company and defines what still needs to be done to increase profitability.