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Calendar-Scheduling | EcoSuite


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Calender & Scheduling

Free or busy

When scheduling meetings, you can see other’s schedule

Scheduling Meetings

  • Invite attendees and process responses and actions
  • Reserve rooms, resources
  • Inviting attendees from company/group directory
  • Auto complete support for user attendees
  • Up to date checking for availability
  • Support for recurring meetings


  • Portal Page (7-day agenda, advanced listing of events)with color different color codes for better view.
  • Multiple Views (Day, Week List, Week Schedule, Month, Group Schedule, All Events, Folders)
  • Auto expandable day view (normally shows working hours. will show full day when there are appointments outside of working hours.
  • Marking eventful dates in the month explorer
  • Complete event list
  • Week selection from month view

iCal Support

Works with any other calendar which follows the iCalendar protocol.


Schedule events to recur daily, weekly, or monthly or yearly

  • Recurrence Exceptions
  • Recurrence preview listing


  • Share your calendar with individuals or a group. Supports Multiple Calendars and Sharing.
  • Share personal or group calendars with single user or groups.

Role and Permission-based Sharing

Control calendar sharing rights and permissions.

Export/Import and Sync

PC Synchronization with folder mapping.Sync with Outlook.

Multi Time Zone Support

  • Group Calendars with support for multiple time zones
  • Group events across time zones
  • Event/Schedule translation into user’s time zone

Enterprise Scheduling

Enterprise Calendar For the Entire Company/Organization. Schedule events for the entire organizations on one calendar and make it available to all. Enterprise calendars can be created and published for the entire company. Each member with access only can edit or modify events or meetings on group calendar.

Notification/ Reminders

Reminds every event one hour before

Send and receive invitations

Invite others to events by sending them mail.