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Task-Management | EcoSuite


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Task Management


Configurable alerts that notify that when task is due

Start Page/Portal Page

Displays a summary of the active tasks


Grouping status

  • Multiple views
  • The task list can be displayed using different views such as simple, detailed, active tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks and by person responsible.

  • Task Editor
  • Users can edit and change start dates, completion status, progress status, completion dates, priority, task execution sequence and the user assigned to in the task editor.Stores additional information such as % complete, status, total work, actual work, mileage, billing information and can define multiple priorities.Sorting tasks


Tasks can be assigned to other people. Displays on Start Page


Users can share their tasks to other people with configurable read/write/delete permissions.

Sorting tasks

  • Tasks can be viewed based different orders either complete, or imcomplete or overdue or upcoming or all tasks
  • Tasks can be sorted by Subjects or by due date or by priority or by assigned to

Task Execution Order

Automates and simplifies Inter office as well as intra office file movement mapped with Physical File movement