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The best app I’ve found in 2014 | EcoSuite


Jan 2nd 2014 07:00 AM EST: I asked Google to find me a good collaboration tool and was bombarded with a zillion suggestions and links. I then stumbled across a lesser known site called Ecosuite that claimed itself to be a ‘fully integrated enterprise suite’.  I gave it a try… The instant first time user experience was a sensation of SPEED!  Was I really using a SaaS application or did I download the application and witnessing the power of my new MacBookPro?  This thoughtful application is built to make life simple and easy.  The explorer view of the navigation pane, the ability to see your emails, notifications, chats, news, files, folders, blogs, videos and photos etc in one configurable portal is brilliant!  I am currently using the file sharing feature of ecosuite both within my geographically distributed global team as well as with my customers.   It’s really intuitive as I did not have to explain or show my team members what / how to use it… Every single user of my team has self-learned the usability of Ecosuite features.  Now we have one document repository that we maintain in Ecosuite.  It’s working like a charm!!! Check back in here in a week or two to read more on my Ecosuite adventure and experiences…  In the mean time.. check it out yourself!  Buckle-up and take a demo tour to get a taste of this exciting app.  You won’t regret the time you spend to window shop this app.